Table Rental

Each table is rented for a 3 hour minimum.  (There are additional charges per table for each hour over the 3 hour minimum.)  The price includes dealers, chips, play money, and chairs for 4 tables or more.  (There is no charge for delivery/setup/teardown for all parties with 4 or more tables.  Additional charges may apply for smaller parties.)  Additional travel fees may apply outside the OKC Metro area. Each table is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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Event Breakdown at Casino Night in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Event Breakdown:
Depending on your event, you will receive a set amount of play money to hand out to your guests.  Guests will take the play money to the table of their choice and exchange it for playing chips.  Your guests will be able to use these chips to play any of the games available.  We always try our best to deal correctly and fairly so that everyone has an equal possibility of winning.  If your event is offering prizes, we will cash out your chips for raffle tickets 15 minutes before gaming ends.  Please check your local laws for regulations.

RecommendationsTable Suggestions: We recommend supplying seats for 60% to 75% of your guests.  This will save you money and not all guests will play the entire time.  If you would like seats for all guests, we can accommodate that request.

Click on the image at the left to view a table recommendation chart.

Prizes and AuctionsPrizes and Auctions: By state law you CANNOT offer a prize to the person who wins the most chips, as this puts a value on the chips won and is illegal.  However, you can issue raffle tickets for every set amount of dollars won.  (A common denomination is every $500.)  These tickets are then put in a bucket(s) for each prize.  This way everyone has a chance to win.  The more they win, the more tickets they get, and their odds of winning increase.

Fundraisers and CharityFundraisers and Charity Events: We provide tables for many charity events and fundraisers every year.  With our knowledge and experience of helping raise money for these events, we also help in planning the perfect system in order for you to raise the maximum amount of money for your organization.

In past experience, organizations have done the following: The client will pre-sell tickets before there event. This gives us an estimated amount of seating to be provided for the event. Organizations also sell more tickets at the door for those who didn’t do the pre-sell. The ticket fee will provide each guest with a set amount of play money (usually $100 to $300) to be used at each of the gaming tables. In order to get more play money, each person can go to a booth regulated by the charity and buy more play money for a minimal donation.  At the end of the night, the players exchange their winnings for tickets to be drawn for prizes.  (See “Prizes and Auctions” tab.)  Please check your local laws for regulations.       

* We do not take legal responsibility for the way you handle the donations for these events.

Pit BossPit Boss: We normally provide a pit boss for parties over 10 tables at no extra charge.  Smaller parties do not usually need one.  However, we have many clients who want a pit boss for the added feel.  The choice is up to the client.  If you desire a pit boss at your event there may be an additional charge for parties under 10 tables.

BookingBooking: When you are ready to book a Vegas party we will help you plan just the right amount of tables, so you don’t overbook and waste money.

To book an event, please fill out the information in the “Contact Us” section of the website. We will then generate a quote for you. After we have finalized the invoice a deposit of 50% of is due at the signing of the Service Agreement. The agreement states the number of tables, price, and rules/regulations.

We work on a first come first serve basis. Once the deposit and signed service agreement is received your table and dates will be secured.


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